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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i will inshaaAllah

Assalamua'laikum ,

dalam dakapan rahmat Allah semua hendakNya.aaminn
tulisan comel dari seseorang , indah :)

mungkin untuk sahabat layaknya , mungkin.. hee

i'll always be by your side no matter what
i'll be there to comfort you during difficult times
when you're upset, when you feel like crying
you can always depend on me
i'm just here when you need me
i'll come immediately when you call.
or if you need a shoulder to cry on
i'll always be by your side
when you are hurt or sad so am I
when you're down I feel like I want to cheer you
if you want to scream I'll be right next
to you screaming along.
i care for you always and that will never change
i will always protect you from bad influence
and anything that will harm your well being.
i have known you through the years.
so stay for who you are, and be firm for what
you’re doing…for it’s you who can make
your life…happy, fulfilled and worry free


apapun ayuh hadapi setiap keadaan dengan keutamaan berpegang pada Allah semata mata.

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